India drags on organic cotton volumes

Latest organic cotton production figures show that total global production fell 4 per cent in the 2015 – 16 season with volumes at 107,980 metric tonnes as production in number one region India fell to just over 60,000 metric tonnes – still 56 per cent of total global output.

In 2015/16, world cotton production declined by 19 per cent to 21.3 million tons, which was the lowest volume since 2002/03. In this period organic cotton represented an estimated 0.5 per cent of global production.

Top buyers of organic cotton in this period included C&A, H&M, Tschibo, Nike and Inditex, respectively, although exact volumes purchased were not detailed in the new report released today.
Source: EcoTextile News (Thursday, October 12, 2017)
Thursday, October 19, 2017
Submitted by Andrea Bischof


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